Extractions from Shale Could Create Huge Fuel Reserves… and a lot of Contaminated Water

The New York Times on Saturday, October 10, 2009 reported that a new recovery technique (hydraulic fractionation) has tapped previously inaccessible supplies of natural gas and oil in the US is spreading to the rest of the world. Companies are leasing huge tracts of shale land in Europe, Asia and North Africa. “It’s a breakout play that is going to identify gigantic resources around the world”, said Amy Myers Jake from Rice University.

The good news is that energy reserves are increasing worldwide with this technical breakthrough; the bad news is that it comes at a high price environmentally. The process uses large amounts of water under intense pressure which fractures rock formations, thereby releasing the gas and/or oil. The water, after use in this process, is highly contaminated and therefore must be either disposed of in deep well mines where it is lost to human use and potentially creating further environmental impact or treated. As this technology is rapidly deployed around the world, the need for a cost effective, efficient and environmentally sound treatment for this contaminated water such as Latitude CleanTech Group can provide is expected to grow as rapidly as the use of water expands for this purpose.

As more ground water becomes polluted from mining & oil extraction and processing coupled with increasing drought conditions worldwide, the need to cost effectively treat the water becomes more urgent.

The Company is accelerating its marketing efforts in the Alberta Tar Sands Areas. As previously discussed, this area demonstrates, in epic scale, the negative environmental impact of discharging large amounts of untreated water into so-called tailings ponds. The successful deployment of our water processing technologies in this area serves not only to help deal with this urgent problem, but also to serve as a showcase for future new shale mining operations that are expected to spring up in many parts of the world.

As nations rush to exploit their shale deposits, Latitude Clean Tech Group intends to extend its marketing efforts to these new opportunities.


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